About me
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About me
Name: David Wolstenholm    
Age: 34    
Birthday: October 16
Anniversary:January 12, 2004
Married to:Lolita Wolstenholm
School: Andrew’s University
Favorite vacation: Niagara Falls
Favorite book: Ted Dekker’s Three 
Favorite movie: 300
Favorite Passage:John 15
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I served in the US Marine Corps from September 1998 to November 2002. I was in the infantry as a TOW gunner in Second Battalion, Sixth Marine Regiment. I turned my life over to God and was baptized in January 2005. I have a passion to reach those who are suffering through life. Veterans have been through many hard times, and I want to show them they can have a better life and there is hope for the future.

I have learned that veterans and active-duty service members are uniquely qualified to be Christians. Without my military experience, I may not be a Christian today. I now lives in southwest Michigan, with my wife, Lolita, and our two dogs, Milo & Otis. I am getting my master's degree in divinity at Andrews University. I have worked as a youth pastor and am now working in a local Seventh-day Adventist church.

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